The SA Carbon Filter has been designed to improved the taste water.

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The SA Carbon Filter uses a very high grade activated coconut shell as its absortion material to remove unwanted taste. The SA Cabone filter can be used in either direction and can improved the taste of up to 1,500 litres of water.

It is recommended that the SA Carbon filter be used with the Survival Jerrycan.

Should the water be more contaminated, the amount of water passing through will be reduced.



SA Carbon Filter Specification

Carbon Filter Physical Attributes

Diameter                         465 mm / 18.3in
Length                            353 mm /13.9 in
Dry Weight                   3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs
Carbon Content            30 grams
Initial flow rate           1 litre/mn @0.2 bar
Filtering capacity  upto 1,500 litres/5,300 gallons

24 month warranty
Must not freeze

The SA Carbon Filter is fast and easy to attached to the Survival Jerrycan.  There 2 tubes that are provided so you are able to attached it to the filter ans subsquently to the Survival Jerrycan.

The detailed attachement instructions has been supplied on your purchase of the Survival Jerrycan.  There is also instructions available of the Sure Aqua website – Carbon-Filter Instructions


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