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Replacement Filter-Tap-Assembly for the Survival Jerrycan.

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The Survival Jerrycan is a robust unit that has been tested in many different environment.  It is possible for the Tap-filter to fail when not appropriated used or maintained.  For example, the filter cannot be frozen, especially after it is used.  This will damage the filter.

When maintained and used as per the instructions to unit can be used for years.

Should you believe the unit is faulty, please email us at Service@SureAqua.com  or call us.

Ultra-Filter Specification
Bacteria removal 99.9999%
Virus removal 99.99%
Retention of bacteria > 6 log red. value
Molecular weight cut-off 70KD +/- 20KD (dextran, 90% 0 bar)

Operating Conditions Minimum operating temperature > 0° C
Maximum operating temperature 45° C
Minimum storage temperature > 0° C
Maximum storage temperature 55° C
Maximum operating pressure 0.3 bar
Storage and Handling Dry storage.

Tap-filter Aqua Survival Unit Physical Attributes

Height                         440 mm / in
Diameter                      90 mm / in
Dry Weight                   0.8 kg /  lbs
Initial flow rate           1 litre/mn @0.2 bar
Filtering capacity upto 20,000 litres/5,300 gallons

24 month Warranty
Must not freeze

The tap-filter assemply comes ready to be installed to Survival Jerrycan.

For detailed instructions see previously supplied instructions or visit the website Survival Jerrycan Instructions


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