Aqua Survival Unit Specifications

The Aqua Survival is a  high gradequality designed product to ensure that it works anywhere, every time.

Aspect Details
Height 18. 3in/ 465 mm
Width 13.9 in/353 mm
Depth 6.5in/168 mm
Dry Weight 7.7 lbs/3.5 kilograms
Vessel Capacity 20 litres/5.3 gallons
Filtering Capacity upto 20,000 litres/ 5,300 gallons
Filtration Performance 70KD +/- 20KD
Standard US EPA & World Health Standards

Aqua Survival Unit Features

In designing and development of this worked class product, the features stated were the goals that we aimed and successfully achieved.

Feature Details
No After Taste No chemical additives - No chlorine No iodine
Chemical Free Filtration is via the microporous membrane, safe for all the family to use and use
Bacteria Removal Filters out bacteria to 0.01 micron including Giardia and Cryptosporidium, i.e. removal of 99.9999% of bacteria
Virus Removal Filters out viruses to 0.01 micron, i.e. removal of 99.99% of viruses
Parasite Free Removes  parasites, cysts, oocysts, and spores
Inexpensive Extremely low per litre cost - less than 1 cent per litre
High Volume Filters up to 20,000 liters(5,2,83.4 gallons) and is completely re-usable 
Long Life Can be re-used up to 10 years - provided Operating Instruction have adhered
Durable Designed for Military use in adverse conditions. Physically robust and reliable
Zero Energy No power or batteries required
Scientifically Approved Tested at NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) approved laboratory standards