“The ideal Lightweight Portable Water Purification System for emergency, disaster relief and military environments”



This innovative water cleansing product, Aqua Survive Lab, has been specifically designed for use during Natural Disasters, Human Displacements and temporary Refugee Camps as well for use by Military’s when in combat situations.

Its compact military ruggedized construction, designed to be portable using medical grade filtration components and unique oxidation and ionisation compound brings assurance for clean water to be accessed any time anywhere.

It has been embraced by Governments, Aid organizations and Military’s around the world to provide instantaneous indisputably safe drinking water.

Removal of 99.99% bacteria, virus’s and chemicals out of contaminated water, its the ideal cost effective solution to provided one of the most essential elements to life.   SAFE DRINKING WATER! Aqua Survive Lab


Floods and Droughts the most dangerous natural hazard

Diseases spread at alarming rates during natural disasters, with the risk of infections, gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, hepatitis and, e-coli are transmitted through contaminated water and poor sanitation.

The after-effects of natural disasters are the major cause of deaths with diseases being the major contributor.


Human Displacements

In 2018, over 30.6 million people are displaced and 250 million people affected due to natural disasters (61%) and conflict (39%).  It is increasing every single year.

The length of human displacement varies depending on the countries prosperity.  It varies from days to years.

With such concentration of people, access to clean safe drinking water is limited.


Deaths due to Natural Disasters

Over 90,000 people directly died caused natural disasters and impact 160 million people.

Researches found that the indirect deaths to natural disasters caused by diseases and poor health care can be a multiplying factor anywhere from 10 to 80 times, depending in where the disaster happened.


Financial Costs of Natural Disasters

Last year the economic cost of natural disasters has been estimated to be in excess of $350 billion just to rebuild the infrastructure.

The true economic cost not only to community and individuals would too horrendous to imagine if ever recoverable.


Water Quality Crisis!


There is a global water quality crisis!

Virtually no fresh water source in the world is not contaminated, with either, dangerous bacteria or high level of natural and made chemical contaminants.

1 in 9 people do not have access to clean water!

At times of natural disasters or emergency situations, access to clean safe drinking water is severely hampered as basic infrastructure would be damaged and non-operational.




Refugee Camps

Makeshift sites, overcrowding,  no clean water, and no sanitation is the typical environment for refugee camps.  The major causes of fatalities, morbidity, and mortality in these camps are measles, diarrhoeal diseases, acute respiratory infections, malaria, and malnutrition. Up to a staggering 80 percent of all reported cases of deaths is due to water-related diseases

The risk of diseases is a thousandfold increased compared to the 1st world.  This is can be dramatically be reduced providing cleansed water and improved sanitation. 

Research has shown that just washing hands in clean water can prevent diseases to spread.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters devastate the local infrastructure.   Cutting off electricity, communication links, sanitation, food supplies, and water.

For the 48 hours after a natural disaster, the most vital ingredients for survival is access to clean safe bacteria and chemical free water.  Clean drinking water.

Dehydration, causes you to start breathing rapidly, increase in your heart rate, blood pressure to reduce, may become feverish, become irritable, drowsy disorientated or confused.   And this can happen with 24 hours without water.

3rd World Communities

Over 35% of the world’s population, that is, close to 1 billion people, do not have access to water close to home.

By the time you read the front page of this site, 5 people (2 per minute) would have died due to no access to safe water and a disease infested environment.

It is very common for water from wells and ponds have a high concentration, up to 20 times the international standard for drinking water,  of arsenic, nitrate, coliform bacteria, and pesticides.

Stat’s       are     from   Washwatch


SureAqua has adopted a multi-stage process to filter and purify the contaminated water;  Ultra-filtration, Ionisation  and absorption. This process effectively removing 99.99% of organic products, giardia and cryptosporidium and other bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. 

The principal of ionisation and absorption, a process involving the attraction of negatively-charged contaminant ions to the positively-charged activated material compound. Organic compounds are removed by adsorption and residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines are removed by ionistaion.

The final set is the removal of bacteria and viruses using a filtration membrane of 0.01 microns. Over 50 times small than the smallest bacteria.


SureAqua portable water pura-filters, Aqua Survive Lab, have been thoroughly tested around the globe, including Australia, US, India, and Malaysia, and have been approved for use by governments and military units around the world. This means you can be assured of the quality of your drinking water when using our products, wherever you are and whatever the water source.

See the letter of endorsement from the Australian Defense Force. Australian Defence Force Endorsement link



SureAqua Aqua Survive Lab is an extremely effective, lifesaving, low-cost solution to provide bacteria-free, virus free, chemical free* safe drinking water for your family and you.

Not only, a low-cost device,  it is also easy to use and maintain.

The SureAqua product, Aqua Survive Lab has a long lifespan of up to 10 years ability to produce 1000’s of gallons/clean safe bacteria, virus and chemical free drinking water.

The cost per litre is less than $0.005c per gallon of water when used over long periods of time.


* Does not remove extremely concentrations of chemicals.  For example,  spills from a chemical plant or run-off from a garbage tip.


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